Aplicaciones Para Edificios

Sistemas HVAC de Zona Simple

Mitsubishi Electric's split zoning systems are ideal for cooling or heating uncomfortable rooms in a home or as supplemental cooling or heating systems. With only three main components...

Sistemas HVAC para Zonas Múltiples

For maximum comfort throughout an entire household, Mitsubishi Electric delivers the world's only two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating system.

Sistemas HVAC para Varios Inquilinos

Multi-tenant buildings come in all shapes and sizes and so do their HVAC needs. But, from low-rise townhomes to a high-rise condo building or dorm, building owners and tenants share common challenges - maintaining personal comfort...

Soluciones HVAC para Adiciones y Renovaciones

When a homeowner undertakes a renovation or addition to their home, they want to create welcoming and inviting spaces that take advantage of innovations in building processes and technologies.

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